6.2 Organisational aspects on collective work

Data analysis can influense the organisation of a group. It can have advantages and disadvantages.

One advantage is that the results are discussed by all actors in the group bring information to the group and provide support for discussions between research teams and practicioners collectives

On the other hand, the analyzes are necessarily reductionist. Be careful to discuss the results with all the actors in the group to avoid analyzes disconnected to the context. Be careful also not to constrain too much or standardize the practices to meet statistical standards.

The decision of the farmer to select is based on different elements for example

  • his experience on his farm
  • informal exchanges with farmers, researchers, technicians, …
  • information analysed with statistics

What is the place of these elements in the decision to select a variety or a bouquet of spikes ?

It seems important to discuss these issues when sharing results among farmers, researchers and facilitators.