PPBstats is a freely available package based on the R software for Participatory Plant Breeding statisticial analyses. It performs analyses on the data collected during PPB programs at four levels:

  • network of seed management,
  • agronomic trials,
  • organoleptic tests and
  • molecular analyses.

The objectives of PPBstats are

  1. to have a single package capable of performing several analyses required for PPB programmes with comprehensive documentation, and
  2. to create a community working on PPB programmes in order to improve the package, exchange on how to process data from PPB programmes and develop good practices.

Examples of analysis performed by PPBstats

Network of seed management

Descriptive analysis can be done regarding:

  • unipart network for seed lots analysis
  • unipart network for location analysis
  • bipart network analysis

Below an example on unipart network for seed lots analysis:

Other examples can be found in the book.

Agronomic trials

Statistical analysis can be done

  • To compare different germplasms on each location for selection:
    • classic anova,
    • spatial analysis,
    • mixed models,
    • bayesian hierarchical model intra-location.
  • To study response of germplasm over several locations for selection:
    • AMMI and GGE,
    • bayesian hierarchical model G×E.
  • To study specific research questions on one farm or more
    • response to selection
    • local adaptation with two models: home away and local foreign
    • intra germplasm variance
  • To run multivariate analysis

Below an example on GGE model:

Once the data are formated, the model is run

Then, check it, for example with residuals

Then, compare means

Then, look at biplot

Molecular analyses

Under development …


A full tutorial of PPBstats is available in the book on the website.

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