Within a Participatory Plant Breeding programme, it is important to give results back to the farmers in order to discuss and accompagny them in their selection. This can be done through the creation of a report with results coming from the analysis.

This web site gives examples of reports to give back information to farmers based on analysis run with PPBstats. Please refer to PPBstats documentation for more information, especially section regarding communication to farmers.

The workflow to create the report follow three steps:

  1. run the analysis and create a list with all results
  2. create a .Rmd template that will be shared by all locations
  3. run rmarkdown::render() in order to generate report for each location

For each example you have a dedicated page with the script used as well as links to download the template and see reports

Every contribution are welcome! Feel free to add examples based on your experience! See how to contribute on PPBstats web site.